Sportable Substitute Volunteer Roster


Sportable Substitute Volunteer Roster

Thank you for joining Sportable’s Substitute Volunteer Roster. This is designed for folks who are willing to jump in on short notice and help out with any program that finds itself in short supply of volunteers for one session of a program. It’s a great opportunity for people who have inconsistent schedules or difficulty committing to the entirety of a sport program’s season, but still want to help our athletes. 

You are not committing to any one date or sport program by registering for this. You are putting your name on a list to be contacted when last minute volunteers are needed. 

For example, four out of sixteen cycling volunteers all have to cancel for one session of the cycling program. Sportable will then reach out to the Substitute Volunteer Roster to try and find four replacement volunteers for that evening’s cycling program. This could occur week of, or even day of said programs. 

We will contact you sporadically when a need arises! Thank you.


Please direct any questions regarding this registration to:  Michelle Page, Program Operations Coordinator, at or 804-340-2991.