Sportable Possums Wheelchair Rugby - September 19 2022 to April 24 2023


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Thank you for your interest in the Sportable Possums Wheelchair Rugby team!

Interested in an intense, fast-paced, team-based sport? Join the Sportable Possums Wheelchair Rugby team – no previous wheelchair rugby experience is required! The beginner/intermediate training curriculum will focus on safe, socially distanced sessions to build a foundational knowledge of the sport, skill development, equipment selection, and teamwork.


Dates: Mondays, September 19, 2022-April 24, 2023

Time: 5:30-7:30 PM

Location: Humphrey Calder Community Center - 414 N Thompson St, Richmond, VA 23221

Who: This program is for currently registered Sportable athletes with impairments in all four limbs.  Participants must be 14+ years old. 


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